The Prize



“A prize made with love for those who love Tibia” was conceived three years ago by Super Amarelo, it was accepted in the program of supported fansites by CipSoft in January of 2017 and it became the biggest tibian newspaper of Brazil, recognized by the tibian community around the world.

With great emphasis on the diffusion of news and the production of guides and podcasts, BomDiaTibia also brought together during these years of existence a vast collection of published articles. It also has an excellent discussion forum. All those who is part of the Staff and even those who have been through BomDiaTibia in the past, have always worked hard to delivery quality content to our community about our favorite game.

Ladies and gentlemen, in 2018 it could not be any different. After so much time of services provided to the community, this time decided to give prestige to those who give meaning to our existence. The prize called “Best of the Year” is nothing more than a result of the sum of efforts of a team that is extremely grateful for everything the community has given them up to now.

The “Best of the Year” will annually award the best youtuber, streamer, fansite and player, by popular vote. This is an annual contest different from everything we’ve seen. The “Best of the Year” will go down in history as a great milestone that goes through and profoundly changes the way we have been thinking, looking at, and relating to the community so far.