Character: repoz
World: Quelibra

On one of their battles, King Tibianus and Queen Eloise received a threat and it was anticipated that there would be an eminent attack approaching and he needed to warn all his people that demonic creatures were released near the Hellgore volcano.
Thus, they sought the wise magician Eremo to devise a grand strategy so they would be prepared for all the wars and invasions that could occur in all Tibian land. He, warriors blesser, and merchant of magical items, had asked for help from his relative blacksmith Morgan to elaborate some item that
could satisfy the glorious King Tibianus and the mighty Queen Eloise.They began searching for innumerable armor, spell and enchantment designs to protect everyone from the reign and their warriors, and thus found some important items that could create invincible armor for those who were afraid.
They came to an agreement that they would need to make a shield with very rare metals but with great effect on the result. The other blacksmiths were asked and the Sweety Cyclops helped them to find materials like uth’mon, shiny metal in which one uses to make fine arts that are created items
involving much magical power along with Za’kalortith, known as metal of the devil, which is necessary from the flame of the evil to melt it and can only be harvested in hell. A beautiful material to fight the evil himself, enchanted by a great magician who would make the metal shield where it
took many battles to obtain the materials, but that would be for a greater salvation that will be coming. Each day of battle for the warriors, away from home and their families, always wrote in the metals news to family members, that every time a metal was recovered to make the shield,
he returned to the kingdom and every morning the messages were also delivered to the receivers, but soon after the metal was melted and lost its meaning, but a single piece of metal was forgotten to melt, and there was the following message written:
“If you want peace, prepare for war”To all those who used the sacred shield, he had left a message for all the warriors who would need the shielding strength of that shield, to be prepared for a difficult journey and a lot of fighting. They were modifying and improving the aspects of the shield,
naming it as Journal Shield because they used the metal of the body of the shield to send news to relatives, the symbol T had also been made in the upper left corner of the shield, representing all warriors from all over the world. kingdom in which they fought all the fights in search of all the
materials for the creation of the shield made with the metal Uth’mon and finally added the star like symbol of victory of the kngihts and amazons.


Character: Skyfear
World: Nefera

One fateful night a star that shone so bright high above the Fields of Glory had fallen. The Elves below were in such disbelief that a material so rare and precious had fallen into their hands by chance. This led to the Elves belief that this was a gift from the Celestial Paladin Priyla, the daughter of the stars, mystery and magic to aid them in battle against the Orc’s ravaging their lands.

An Orcish army had settled to the East. They were a plague, ravaging the fertile lands, preying on the innocent, pillaging and slaughtering anything and everything in their warpath. With Orcish numbers growing rapidly, the Elves concluded that they must begin preparing for war before they are decimated.

Only the work of great blacksmiths could forge great armour from the fallen star. The Elves knew of a master artisan race called the Cyclopes. Elven scouts had seen Cyclopes settling in an area to the northern part of the Tibian continent.

Alas with eagerness they traversed across the Fields of Glory to encounter a Cyclopes family looking to begin a new life. The family was hungry, with a newborn to care for and in desperate need for food they agreed to ally with the Elves. In return for the Elves assistance they began their work with the unknown material which the Cyclopes eventually called ‘Zatragil’.

The Cyclopes relentless work payed off, and a shield was forged. An inscription, magical and mysterious appeared. It was clear, concise; with the words written in ancient elvish come to light.

From this star so bright..

Twas the start of the great fight..

This bright shield forged..

To fight the horde..

You shall prevail..

And will not fail..

With their new weapon in hand, a surge of confidence grew amongst the Elven warriors. Poised that they would win a waging war they began their plan to invade the Orcish fortress, to kill the Orc king and put an end to the war.

With great confidence and with all their numbers, the Elves invaded the Orcish lands. The Orcs sheer force and brutality was too much for the Elves, and inflicted huge casualties. A small platoon of Elves managed to drive themselves into the heart of the fortress.

The Elves had soon laid eyes upon the king, who appeared demonic, corrupted and defiled in appearance. The king was invincible, embraced with the rage of his horde, quickly dispatched and devoured the Elves. One Elf remained and with magical shield in hand was protected from the demonic defiled Orc King. Locked eye to eye with the King, the Elf was knocked unconscious, ambushed by a Warlord. The shield mysteriously vanished.

The shield was not seen since the outcome of the great battle and lost to history. Legend would suggest the shield never existed and is merely a myth, utilised as a ruse to boost the Elven warrior’s morale before combat, which ultimately caused the demise of the Chelabdil Elves.


Long ago, as Orcs and Dragons filled the Tibia fields with bodies of the most diverse creatures, Zathroth put into practice his plan to create an army of the living dead through his son Urgith, in what had been known as the Age of Chaos. Not even the Gods were able to contain the advance
of the dead across the continent. It was then that the Elder Gods realized that it was necessary to do something or all of their creation would succumb to the destruction that plagued Tibia and decided to create a strong race, able to contain the army of the dead and end Zathroth’s plan.
After numerous failures, Fardos and Uman finally understood their mistakes and in correcting them they gave life to Banor, the first of Men.

Supported by the dwarves and elves, races already almost extinct, Banor led the counter attack against the dead. Each battle was a small victory, and her troops gradually wiped out the Tibian lands from the evil forces that ravaged it.
However, Banor felt that the human race alone could not win this war alone, so Banor asked the Gods to help him in creating the one who would be the trump of mankind in the final battle against the dead. Crunor provided the Dwarves with a divine metal, owning a life of their own,
and instructions for building a shield. The most skillful Dwarves worked tirelessly for days following Crunor’s instructions rigorously, as they finished, could they all see a large divine steel shield studded with a pulsating gold star that emanated the power of the Gods,
or was it just life? They did not know for sure. “This shield carries with it the power of the Elder Gods, and only equal power can destroy it,” Crunor said. Immediately Bales impregnated the shield with a spell so that only the noblest of men could wield it, and named Banor the holder of a shield.

In what seemed to be the last of the battles, everything seemed right for humanity’s ultimate victory over the dead, but there was a turnaround. An unexpected alliance sealed the union of the older races, Dragons, Orcs, and even dead, against humanity.
After a bloody battle, thousands of bodies on both sides covered the ground, Banor realizing that even with the divine shield the price of victory would be too high, he decided to give orders for his troops to retreat to the cities and prepare their defenses for the
attack of the creatures of darkness, but this never happened.

Banor did not believe in the “false peace” that was instituted in Tibia and took measures for the day of the return of the great war. Then he made a request to the Arcanist Elves and they cast a powerful spell on the shield so that he would absorb and keep alive all
Tibia history from past ages to future, naming it “Journal Shield”, protector of men and guardian of the history of Tibia.

Since the death of Banor the shield has never been seen, but Man can always count on his power.

The phrase for Shield would then be: “This shield carries with it the power of the Elder Gods, and only equal power can destroy it.”


Hydan Aymon – Nefera

On the distant island of Isle of the Kings, the chief monk of his order, Costello, lives a simple life. He and his companions devoted their lives to protecting the tombs of the ancient leaders of the Thaian empire, as well as the incessant quest for knowledge.

As usual in the mornings, Costello made his rounds by the library and then his study session. It was almost noon when an adventurer announced his arrival and entered his room.

The adventurer, who seemed to be quite discouraged, reported that he had long been exploring the cities for information about an artifact, which seemed to be a legend.

Costello then asked: What makes you think you’ll find what you’re looking for here?

The adventurer replies that a month ago, while visiting the town of Ankrahmun, a merchant named Yasir said he had what he was looking for and eventually sold him an old scroll containing a rough sketch,
the seal of the monastery of Isle of the Kings, and the The following words “”The Tr ….e …..rior is also an intel …. al” = The True Warrior is also an Intellectual.”.

After a moment of silence, Costello replied: Yes, I am the author of this document, it was written during a difficult time in my life, so that I would never be able to forget my sins.

The adventurer noticed that Costello was somewhat sad and that tears seemed to spring in his eyes, even though he wondered if he would have information about such an artifact.

Costello answered the adventurer with a story: Fugio was an exemplary monk who woke up early every morning and devoted himself to his studies like no other monk. That week, his brother, the leader of the monastery, requested his presence in the tombs to make an inquiry into the environment.
Fugio ended up dying ambushed by the living dead, and his brother fed within himself a strong sense of guilt. Fugio’s brother then began to wonder about life, he could not stop thinking that his brother’s death represented not only the death of a loved one, but the death of all the knowledge
that that person carried with him. He decided that he would no longer allow knowledge to be so easily lost. He traveled to Thais and commissioned, from the blacksmith Sam, equipment made from the purest and rarest known metals that would carry within him all the power of knowledge in order to
protect all people and their respective minds, thus ensuring that the world would not lose their stories and memories. This equipment was later named Journal Shield and in its body was inscribed the inscription “Look for the truth, but distrust of who says to have found it”.

The confused adventurer asked: But what does this all mean? And the artifact? But who the hell is Fugio? The artifact exists and is here?

Costello: I think it’s getting late, I need to get up, why don’t you come back tomorrow?

Obs: “The Tr ….e …..rior is also an intel …. al” = The True Warrior is also an Intellectual.


Character: Psykeeh
World: Talera

The Legend of the Realm of Mystery


Back in the old times when everything seemed impossible, the darkness consumed the soul of the purest minds, but the truth is not everyone can be consumed.

This journey starts where the mind can lead us, it was not about being recognized, it was about saving the world that brought joy to any kind of creatures, humans, elves, fairies, dwarfs, all communities.

Seeing the world being consumed, and people vanishing in the dark one by one, all the warrior had in mind was to focus herself on the path of light. Deep in her soul she knew that if she kept walking through the lands where the light brightest the most, she would find the answer for it all.

Everyone thought she should just be like everyone else, and accept her destiny, but the truth is you make your own destiny and that’s what she desired the most, not to prove that she could beat faith, but to prove that you can be more than just dark.

The journey began and the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, even the seconds would not stop this journey to the Realm of Mystery, a realm covered by stars, a legend that made everyone doubt. According to the legend a divine Shield stands before the stars, and the brightest of them all is engraved on it.

A long the path creatures that she thought were magnificent, were surrounded by evil, the word spread that she was just walking on a land they named Darkness. Maybe this is it, should I accept my destiny she thought… This path seems not to have an end, and as soon as that though hit her mind she saw the brightest light of it all.

She walks and walks to reach the Realm of Mystery and then she heard an echo coming from the inscriptions of the greatest creation she have ever seen:



Words of wisdom, and Dust of the Stars, made this creation a gift of the old gods…

Try, but not fear the change…

Focus on the details as it is the road of knowledge…

A story is in you…Be the light…

She couldn’t believe that the answer that she was looking all along was so majestic, a shield located in the Realm of Mystery, the most bright and divine protection of all times.

Light was brought to lands, and those who once were afraid to be strong, got stronger, and those who were consumed by evil, that evil was silenced by the brightest start.




World: Antica


Character: Tibyasula
World: Quelibra


World: Peloria


World: Peloria


Character: Bijou Kidi
World: Antica






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