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24 de maio de 2019 23:29  

Road Reaper



It came to be that the elder gods created Banor the Divine Warrior. Banor lived for many generations created with powers no other of his race could match, the fierce battles and triumphs led by Banor were recorded in a journal. Following the age of chaos, a loyal follower of Banor chronicled the many battles and efforts that brought about the rise of adventurers entering the land of tibia. The journal was to serve as a purpose of preserving the earliest written record detailing the many fierce battles fought to bring forth the renewal of tibia. During this period the old races of tibia overwhelmed by the unexpected surge of adventurers crossing into the land of tibia. Through magical gates known as the Portals of Souls the land came to have new heroes. The surge in heroes helped bring about an era of stability and peace throughout the land of tibia. Enough time had passed, under the guidance of Thaian kings, tibia has been able to reach a level of fundamental peace.


The golden age of Tibia could not have been attained without conflict. Although gruesome demons lurk within the deep dark shadows throughout tibia, a shield was forged in the early days of men. With it an inscription was embedded on the shield for all who face it to remember.

The inscription reads:


Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, for the past separates us from the beasts.


Although the hordes may become increasingly restless as time goes on, with the help of recovered journal entries  from followers of Banor, the Journal shield was forged, and a lesson inscribed so all who face it may remember, so that we may not have to relive these ancient times.


The shield was preserved in the Thais museum; however, it is said that King Tibianus may bestow a true hero of the realm with the task of wielding the Journal Shield, and with it wielding the history that reminds us to keep fighting to preserve the peace of the land.


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25 de maio de 2019 03:22  
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I would love to notice that microsoft word as well as online calculator of words are showing 492 words. Can you please check it again?


I'm making another post as it is over a time limit, so I would not like to edit post with story.

Indeed. I used other tools to calculate the words and it is ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I validated your entry.

Good luck!

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