Title: The true face of love

Frame 1: Some brave warriors have found a Shardik’s Hideout, a legendary creature. Then a bloody battle started to eliminate the evil that so many people believed it would be just a fairytale.

Frame 2: When only one living warrior remained, the beast made a deal: it would let him go if he promise never to tell what he saw.

Frame 3: Lehula decided to spend her days in the activity of blacksmith, however, never forgot the demonic face of the creature.

Frame 4: few yearslater , lehula married a beautiful woman and was known as a great blacksmith, building the best armors in Thais, however, the past always tormented him.

Frame 5: In a sweet afternoon, Lehula took his lovely wife for a picnic on the shores of the lake, but he could not control himself and finally told his secret from the past.

Frame 6: ha ha ha you fool! The voice did not seem to be his wife’s voice. It was Shardik! He was paralyzed when the beast came and cut off his head with a single hit! A few days later, her body was found, but her head was never seen.




Halloween has been celebrated for many, many years. The beginning of the celebrations is unknown, but it is believed that it was initiated by Banor, in a gesture of contemplation and thanks to the Gods. The Rookgaard Academy’s collection of “The Creation of Human” tells a little of its history. Even today it is possible to find villagers distributing sweets and playing tricks in the various Tibian cities.

Annually, on October 31, the scary Mutated Pumpkin invades the western desert of Darashia in search of unprepared adventurers. Brave warriors are invited to defeat and send her back to the depths. However, this year 2018, on the eve of the celebrations, a valiant knight, during one of his explorations, encountered a cluster of creatures in the underground of Yalahar. The presence of Grim Reapers frightened him.

It is well known that the envious God Zathroth was responsible for creating Demons and evil creatures and scattering them across various Tibian continents in order to sow evil. Authorities have already been warned and are prepared to summon mercenaries in case of a possible invasion. We interviewed Julius, who told us about possible invasions of Vampires in the city and believes that they have some relation with the movement of creatures underground.

We ask you to carry lots of supplies and watch your surrounds all the time.






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