Translation: A wonderful holiday

“Hello from Ancient Paradise in a mysterious holiday. I’ve been eating delicious fruits and exploring the beauty of nature.

This is the life!

Best wishes and see you soon”



Translation: It’s on fire, bicho (dude, buddy)!

I’ve visited a friend of mine, Elfausto, in Shadowthorn and there was a crowd talking about a new religion. Those guys set fire to everything around to cook a vegan barbecue (garlic bread and fried bananas). Ah, the summer hit over here is definitely “This elf is on fire”.

Asha Thrazi




Translation: On my vacation, I decided to visit Carlin, a city forgotten by many.

At dawn, I visited the memorial dedicated to women warriors who reconquered the city, which had been taken by orcs.
The guide Aneus, explained the whole story to me.
I left a rose in honor of these women.
I visited a place of tree climbing: adrenaline and many squirrels.





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