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Helloooo, Tibians! We’re starting a big interview season here at BDT. And our first guest is:


Libosi is well known in the community for his lives, with great content and a great lover of Tibia's mysteries. Without further ado, let's get to the interview

  • Hello, Libosi! How is everything? We are happy to accept the interview! First of all, introduce yourself. What is your name, age, profession…?

– My name is Andrês, I’m 32 years old, today I’m a Twitch partner streamer, but I’ve been a banker, bartender, programmer and even a computer teacher, we like to say that there is a Libosis multiverse out there lol


  • Besides Tibia, what do you like to do?

– I love to run, take care of the cats and plants here at home, I also like to know well-told stories in any format, be it a series, book, movie or some friends talking nonsense after a few beers :p


  • Now for the game questions. How did Tibia entered your life? And when did you realize that you would be together after so long?

– As a child I was already traveling inside my head and I got to know the tabletop RPG because of some neighbors and teenage friends. When I was 11 or 12 years old, I saw a friend playing the tabletop RPG on a computer and I was amazed, to see things What do we think causes this reaction? Shortly after I was creating my first character and between periods where I could play and others where I didn’t have access to a computer, I never stopped playing.

print with friends after starting over



  • Were you inspired by any players? If yes, which one?

– Many stories inspire me, perhaps in attitudes or in the form of wisdom, but no specific player. It took me a few years to learn the basics of the English language and even a little longer to understand the world around me


  • Currently you are one of the most famous Tibian streamers. When did you decide to become a streamer?

– I don’t consider myself famous, but last weekend I was invited to a barbecue by a Serdebra players’ guild that I’ve never heard of and I was very happy, thanks for the barbecue guys! When I was fired from the bank where I worked for the last 5 years, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. When I didn’t have that bond anymore, I decided it was time to try to do something that I love to become my job, it was and still have been difficult, but those are the best fights aren’t they?


  • What is your routine during broadcasts?

– I do live every day, starting in the afternoon and going until midnight. I like to start the live talking to people, asking about people’s day and telling them about mine, than we decide what I’m going to play in the live, most of my time I play Tibia and I separate a few hours to play and get to know other games , this is essential to grow in my new profession. Companies look to us for partnerships and I make whole seasons of new games. I also have a day dedicated to just exploring the world of Tibia and its mysteries: Quest Sundays.


  • And how is your relationship with the public? The interactions, comments? How do you deal with being a public person?

– Doing lives for many hours, such as when I did a marathon that lasted 23 days in a row broadcasting my life 24 hours a day, can cause loss of privacy. So the people who watch me know me closely, but I try to separate a little and explain that in my real life I don’t carry a pickaxe trying to find secret passages through the city streets. I’m very happy when I meet people who watch me and chat in my chat, it’s always good to think that behind each character there is a person.


  • Surely you have already experienced several stories. Want to share some with us? Share with the audience some remarkable stories!

–  Do you believe that the Libosi character has already been deleted?

I always hated cheating.

In 2011 I had already accumulated some riches and rare items and lent a (rare) soft boots for my brother to hunt in comfort and after his hunt he threw the item over my depot in Venore city. So the players that were close started throwing items on top of the soft boots non-stop for hours, this started around 8 pm, four hours later my arms couldn’t handle dragging items anymore and I thought that situation was so unfair, that I decided to download a macro to help me remove the items and redeem my precious item. The macro had to be on between 2 and 6 am to be able to remove everything, as the players who were throwing garbage were also using macros.

“Picture of the day I lost soft boots and got banned”


I finally redeemed my item, but apparently players reported my account too many times for macro usage and my account was deleted.

exchange of emails with cip asking them to unban the account


I sent an email asking that my situation be reassessed and Bolkar replied to the first email asking for more information, I sent all the information including a print screen showing what happened and asking them to create some kind of script that would prevent players from ‘trashare’ the depot oblivious. I opened a thread on the forums and was full of hope that something would be done. And yes, Eldrythan replied saying that I had used illegal software and that he could not help me with my problem, it was devastating. Fortunately for future players, two cycles of implementation (updates) later, Cipsoft brought something better than what I asked for on the forums: The ‘browse field’ was released.


cipsoft’s official print when they implemented the browse field


I always imagine that someone in there read my forum post before deciding on the place for the photo that showed the new feature of the game, or was it just a coincidence? I’ll leave the prints for you to decide.


  • Is there a moment that marked you? What’s your most unforgettable moment during the lives?

–  There are two happy moments:

The first one happened in a very difficult phase of my life, I used to survive instead of living and worked in two jobs to support myself. One fine night I came home tired and I entered Tibia to escape my reality, so after 3 years looking for it, I found the midnight panther with a low level character that I left there to try to catch the elusive creature. My hands were shaking and I asked my brother to stop recording and make fun of it, it was a very important moment. With a little courage and luck, I tamed the creature that walks with me to this day. Nowadays I can’t hold back the tears when I watch this video, it brings so many memories and emotions at the same time.

My first meeting with the last plan observer was also exciting, there were no records of people who had already passed by, in any forum, and I was out at dawn investigating possible theories about the best and most mysterious quest in Tibia. So we managed to open a portal and enter the headquarters of the plan observers and it was very exciting to unravel the puzzles of that stage together with everyone who watched me that day. This day ended with our team defeated by the boss as he didn’t take damage due to a bug, but with all the spectators and friends satisfied with this nice piece of mystery solved.

Art created in honor of discoveries about the “Cube Quest”


  • You are also known for being a player who likes to unravel mysteries. Share some of these feats with us!

– I think I told a story like this in the previous answer and I like to say that I actually enjoy living mysteries and exploring the game, it’s very difficult to attribute the solution of a mystery to one person. The Planestrider arc (known as mysterious ornate chest quest by most players) was solved thanks to the work and efforts of MANY players together over many years, I don’t like to take credit for the work of so many explorers, anonymous or otherwise.


  • For a player who wants to start in the Tibian world, what would be your tips?

– The first and most important of all: always carry a shovel and a cutter. Make friends and remember that there are Tibians everywhere, you will probably meet many in your real life, so make friends and be nice to others in the game.


  • Let’s imagine that you had the power to insert something in Tibia, and withdraw another. What would your choices be?

– Tibia can be a tough game with you sometimes, I like that. But I see few young people taking an interest in the game, so my first addition would be to fully translate the game into Portuguese. Language is a very big barrier and today, great game titles already come with translation and dubbing in Portuguese, which is much more attractive for newbies.

Another addition would be a city control system, where ‘dominating’ a territory would bring responsibilities and advantages to a guild. I believe that with this, we would have healthy disputes between guilds and it would be possible to play on several servers that I consider ‘dead’ now, where only players from a dominant guild have the right to play and are doomed to a future merge due to lack of players.

As I write this, I believe I will post this idea in detail on the forum, who knows how many people would like to see this and help us convince our friends at Cipsoft to bring changes of this kind into the game.

Libosi clip reaching lvl 600


  • We would like to thank you for your time Libosi! Do you have any final messages for readers? Feel free!

– Keep the Tibia flame burning with me every day with me on at 3 p.m. GMT-3 and don’t forget that Sunday is the day for quests and mysteries on live ❤

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