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In the Summer Update of this year 2022, the Bosstiary, the bestiary of bosses, was implemented in Tibia. An amazing tool that grants some advantages to players over time, as they get points by killing bosses. Plus a random boss that has a chance to loot more gear during the day. But what does a boss hunter think of this tool? My name is Bomdrax, I’ve been a boss Hunter since 2017, I went through three servers during my Tibian journey, and today I’m going to tell you what I think and feel about Bosstiary.

Being a boss Hunter was one of the many possibilities that Tibia can offer a player. Some like to level up, some are charlovers, some like to unravel mysteries. And there are those who like to travel the Tibian map in search of boss challenges. There has always been a dispute over finding bosses due to the items some of them can drop. They are like trophies for those who find them.

With the inclusion of Bosstiary in the game, this dispute became much fiercer.

Arachir após o Bosstiary
Arachir antes do Bosstiary









The Bosstiary is divided in some peculiarities: portal bosses (those that are normally killed by only one player); lever bosses (those we must kill in quests); and raid bosses (those that have a spawn period and must be found on the map). The last being the focus of boss hunters.

But now it’s not just boss hunters looking for these bosses. Wherever you go and whenever you go there will be someone looking for a certain boss. After all, these bosses usually give more points. The so-called “Nemesis”.

Before it was implemented, I thought to myself: “wow, finally what I like the most about the game will be highlighted”. It’s my hobby, my hobby. Maybe 90% of the time I spend on Tibia is related to boss hunting.

Zushuka after the bosstiary
Zushuka before the bosstiary









But then the day of the update arrived. I entered the game and went on my walk after bosses. Everywhere there was someone. I, confident because I knew how they worked, didn’t care much. But the days went by and I started to notice that some people weren’t going to look for the bosses. They simply stayed where they spawned. Everyday. All day long. I confess that my feelings began to change.

Seeing people who weren’t boss hunters fighting (and finding) a boss made me nervous. Often jealous. It was like seeing some of your fun slowly slipping away. But that changed (again) little by little.

Tyrn before the bosstiary
Tyrn after the bosstiary









During visits to boss locations we started talking. Some asked for tips. Others asked to let me know if they found the boss, others said that if they found it, they would let me know. And then a group began to form.

In the beginning it was one or two players. And boss after boss the group started to increase. All helping each other to find rare bosses and complete the Bosstiary. Sometimes more than ten people would go when a boss was encountered.

Today the feeling of anger no longer exists. There is a great cooperation between these people and they always help each other. Of course, the dispute for some bosses still exists, because who doesn’t like to have their rare item, right? But he won’t be killed alone (except when “someone” accidentally lands an avalanche on the Rotworm Queen, sorry guys). Everyone will get their share. And there is always respect to leave all loot to the one who found the boss.

Valorcrest before the bosstiary
Valorcrest after the bosstiary










“Nemesis Bosses” already has more than 10 people in our whatsapp group. And there are those who aren’t there, but we call when they’re online. Being a Boss Hunter stopped being something individual to become something cooperative among players. With a healthy dispute and making the hunt more and more amazing and pleasurable!

Man In The Cave before the bosstiary
Man In The Cave after the bosstiary






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