Autism and Tibia: a journey of authenticity and passion in the Tibian Universe




The discovery of my autism diagnosis was a moment of self-discovery and reflection for me. As a teacher in the primary school sector, my journey to this diagnosis began unexpectedly. It was through my work and studies in special and inclusive education that I began to suspect that something in my own experience might be more than it seemed. This suspicion led me to seek help from mental health professionals, resulting in a long and enlightening journey of assessment that confirmed the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder two years ago, at the age of 27.

This revelation about my autism diagnosis had a remarkable impact on my life, including in the world of Tibia, where my passion for the game took on new meanings. Before the diagnosis, I used to get extremely frustrated with sudden changes in the game and frequent deaths due to energy and internet connection issues. With the knowledge that I was on the autism spectrum, I began to better understand why these situations affected me so deeply.

With knowledge of my diagnosis, I also started adopting a more mindful and respectful approach to what I truly enjoyed doing in Tibia: leveling up my character by playing solo. Before, I felt pressured to be part of hunting teams and became frustrated with my difficulty in completing quests, bestiaries, and accumulating achievement points. However, after accepting my diagnosis, I realized that I no longer needed to force myself to follow these standards and expectations. Instead, I focused on what brought me genuine joy and satisfaction within the game.

In addition to rediscovering and embracing my gaming style in Tibia, the autism diagnosis also opened unexpected doors for me. I began to act as a streamer, sharing my adventures and experiences in the game live on Twitch. Surprisingly, I discovered that I have a natural talent for live broadcasts and for connecting with the gaming community. This not only brought me joy but also the opportunity to connect with people who share the same passion for Tibia.

This journey of self-discovery and authenticity has taught me the importance of being true to ourselves, even in a virtual world. Accepting and understanding my autism diagnosis was a turning point that allowed me to find joy and fulfillment on my own terms.

I hope that my story inspires other players to embrace who they are and find happiness in what truly makes them happy both within and outside of Tibia. As a community, we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences, building a more inclusive and welcoming social environment.

If you resonated with my journey or simply want to follow my adventures in Tibia, I invite you to follow my Twitch channel.





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